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    Leaders in Risk Mitigation and Payment Solutions.

    Multipurpose Online Tokens

    Vouchers and Branded Gift Cards

    Guaranteed Product Validity Period

    Our analysis of the digital market and
    the needs of people during and after
    the pandemic enabled us to identify a
    need for knowledge, training
    and well-being.

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    E-Commerce Risk Control / Verification.

    Address Verification

    IP Triangulation & Location

    Negative databases for IP, email, addresses, and individuals

    In this new phase, We build a new offer to connect students with teachers.

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    PCI Certified Environment.
    Our offices operate in a PCI level 1 environment.
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Our mission is to add a trusted payment layer between Sellers and Buyers for more Secure Online Payments.



What We Offer

  • Secure Online Transactions

    When a customer chooses an alternative to a credit card payment, for security reasons, the customer is redirected to Eurofed which provides a digital Token/Voucher/Gift Card as an additional security layer for the online transaction.

  • Security PCI

    We keep online transactions and customer data safe and protected against vulnerabilities, operating securely in a stable PCI environment.

  • FinTech core

    We put a strong focus on technology as the main driving force behind all our projects.

  • Increase conversions

    Via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) schemes and Affiliate Exchange programs, we redirect customers to a Vendor matching their points of interest.

Our Technology

Our technology makes online payments seamless and more secure.

Powerful Platform
Powerful Platform

Our platforms provide fast and more secure payments.

Better Conversions
Better Conversions

Eurofed offers substantial traffic to sellers respective online stores.

Reporting & Data
Reporting and Data

We use data automation to spot and map fraud trends.